I enjoy creating
2d and 3d artwork!
Also video games, art, and music.

I will be at PAX East in Boston Friday, Saturday, & Sunday!Come say hi and lets talk about games and art!
wanted to practice some environment art.  sketched out a concept and got down in some digital painting.  good practice and fun process!
Experiencing Grim Fandango for the first time this weekend.  Definitely a classic I never got around to so decided to do a sketch of Manny Calavera.  

Favorite starter Pokemon. 
Clearly I like turtles!

Chipped away at this little by little throughout the week.  
Followed a tut online about painting,
and per request applied the squirtle squad shades.  
You know? For the lolz!

Also, received an e-mail for an art test for some game contract work.  
Not a bad start to a birthday!

Recently watched “Turtles Forever” and realized that Michelangelo from 1987 and the current Nickelodeon Mickey would get along like whoa.   And this was the result.  

making some pretty solid progress on my arcade!
but, now i’m onto the boring stuff of making lots and lots of animated textures for the cabinet screens!

Here’s an update to my arcade project.
I’m going to have to upgrade my Unity to get the arcade just where I want it though.  
Once I have access to Unity Pro I’ll be building this whole thing and making it playable!

so, definitely more of a personal piece. 2013 has been a rough year for my dad losing two of his best friends. i’m really hoping giving him this for christmas helps ease everything and gives 2014 a fresh start.  

its been awhile folks, 
lifes been busy, but i’m heading back to this arcade project!
made some bathroom doors and a wack-a-mon game!

More sketches, sketches, sketches!About to start getting into vehicles and tech and stuff!Oh boy!